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Vietnam Indonesia The Philippines Thailand A simple idea with a turning point for talent searching.
Taiwan has allowed foreign migrant workers into the country for over 25 years, they have accompanied Taiwan for almost a quarter of our hisotry, but with today's mondern information technology boom, people looking for jobs are often facing information asymmetry, people need to spend a lot of time and money through human resource agency to fina a job.

Human Resource Regeneration

Fluent in Mandarin、multiple years of working experience; these are the advantages of being a migrant worker in Taiwan. A lot of them also use their freetime to study Mandarin, doesn't matter if you are an established or new incoming business in Southeast Asia, they are a pool of talent a business cannot afford to miss out on!
VIPT JOB is employment information platform, we have job seekers from Southeast Asia, and also including oversea international students which have experience of living in another country. We especially required that the wages to be open and transparent to our clients, when businesses publish talent openings on our platform we required them to post the exact wages on it.
In the future we will strive to become an social enterprise. Information asymmetry isn't only vunlerable to job see ers, but also to businesses who are searching for talents. We hoped to share these information openly, connect the right person to the right businesses, VIPT JOB wish to make your business more competitive with more competitve oversea talents, together let's make a turning point in the industry of talents searching.

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